JOPER 60+ Years


JOPER is a portuguese certified company with more than 60 years and very proud of their family tradition of 3 generations united for the same motivation: manufacture the true/real coffee, cocoa and dried fruits roasters and equipment for the food industry, planning and implementation of industrial facilities/roasting plants, upholding the principle of old school cast iron with the advanced technology.

We are one of the best brands in the world precisely because we work with high professionalism, quality, honesty and we captivate our clients also due to our experience, kindness and well-known portuguese tenacity.

JOPER roasters are proudly handcrafted in Portugal by master craftsmen, out of traditional high-quality durable materials such as cast iron and carbon steel.

Cast iron is proven to be the fundamental material for building coffee roasters – proof of that is the durability of the old roasters from several brands that used cast iron and the low quality of those that are recently build.

Cast iron has thermal inertia and an exceptional radiation capacity for heat retention. As a result, the heat is more even and stays longer than in any other material. Some of the cast iron properties make it the ideal material for making coffee roasters: its melting point is relatively low, has good fluidity, excellent machinability, resistance to deformation, wear, destruction and to weakening by oxidation. Therefore, it is perfect for building strong, robust and durable roasters.

Obviously, they become much more expensive equipment economically, but JOPER is firmly committed in the construction of cast iron roasters. JOPER is also the only one to manufacture the main bearing supports on the drum also in cast iron, precisely for the excellent efficiency and durability and, for all that, we give a 2 year mechanical warranty because we are a “Premium Roasters – High Quality” brand.

The result of  6 decades of experience and continuous improvement, JOPER roasters combine time tested traditional highly durable materials with the best industrial quality modern burners, motors, fans, and controls to produce an easy to use, flexible, quiet, low maintenance, high energy efficient roasters capable of running multiple shifts, 7 days a week.


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