Recently Joper established a partnership with Cropster, so it is possible to integrate Cropster  in our BSR models. Now with just a small amount, the operator will have the possibility to register of the roasting profile, which will help him have a more consistent in your roasting profile and a better control batch by batch.

With the same premium quality as before we preserve the ancient old school with handcraft roasters, our manual shop roaster BSR is even more efficient now with Cropster, you can track with precision the curve manually with our manual gas valve.

Don’t forget that our BSR roasters have 4 motors, 2 of the motors are for the cooler  fan and another for the roaster fan, which allows to roast and cool at the same time. The cooling time from our roaster is much faster from any other roaster in the market.

We use a self-clean rotor fan so you don’t need to disassemble your fan to clean it unlike other brands in the market. Therefore we are talking about a roaster with a very low maintenance.

More information about Cropster.