Coffee Bean Dispensers

Combining beauty with function.

Our coffee bean dispensers have been projected as furnishing accessories. Their harmony and design tied perfectly with your coffee shop.

The quality and functionality are guaranteed by the materials used in the construction.

How it works

Our coffee bean dispensers are designed to double as elegant decor pieces for your coffee shop or roastery. Manufactured with high-quality materials, they are ready to be mounted on a wall, above a countertop, or integrated in a modern supporting structure.

Moreover, they offer customization options to meet your specific needs.

Coffee Bean Dispensers - 3x 5kg


  • Built in stainless-steel

  • Octagonal shape
  • Can be positioned in a row or form any shape (straight bracket mount included)

  • Top with hinged lid

  • Vertical visor to check inside product

  • Manual slide gate to open/close beans flow

  • Customizable sizes and capacities for coffee shops and/or industrial operations

  • Measurements: (L x W x H) 221 x 221 x 610 mm – 5 kg dispenser

  • Standard color: Black RAL 9005. Extra cost: Any other RAL color

  • Paint finishing: Plain. Extra cost: Textured

Combining beauty with function

Coffee bean dispensers are more than just functional equipment in a coffee shop; they can serve as captivating centerpieces.

Imagine a center piece—a focal point that draws customers’ attention and sparks conversations. These dispensers seamlessly blend into any theme or style of coffee shop, whether it’s a cozy rustic nook or a sleek, modern space.

When incorporated in a supporting structure into the overall design, they create a harmonious symbiosis of form and function, enhancing both aesthetics and practicality.

Coffee Bean Dispensers in a structure
Coffee Bean Dispensers - 3x 5kg

CBD 3 – 25 kg

Availability in capacities from 3 up to 25 kg.

Customization options also available.


Compliment the performance of your roaster and enhance your productivity levels with a destoner, a green bean loader or even with an afterburner.


Coffee Bean Dispensers
3- 25 kg

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Ideal for those who seek perfection.


Perfect craftsmanship, outstanding roasting.


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