Happy Customers

“Glad to meet you sir, I´m really lovely your roast machine.

That the BPR5 it´s na fighter ! Our customers also feel the coffee pass the Joper roasting become to more amazing and delicious”

Gentle Blue Coffee

“After months of searching for the best roaster for our business we decided to proceed with Joper.

I knew the quality, build and technology was unprecedented, but I was presently surprised with the high level of customer service and hands on attention.  The Roastery is happy to be part of the Joper family for years to come! Obrigado! “

Alessio Troia, The Roastery

“Hi I am coffee roaster from Cambodia.

Me and my customers really enjoy the taste of coffee roasted with Joper BPR 15. Me and my roaster friends from USA and Spain really appreciate the quality of your Joper Roaster machine.”

Coffee O'Clock Roastery

“The roaster is working fine and the coffee is getting better and better”

A happy customer with the performance of his little roaster ….
a very successful baby.

It makes us proud to see the hapiness and the excellent work of this wonderful space …. the Joper roaster BPR 5 gold plated is a success, not only the roaster but also the fantastic team!!!!

7G Roaster is a specialty coffee house located in the heart of Port Wineries in Gaia. If you are passionate about coffee, its different flavors and methods of roasting, we are what you are looking for.

7G Roaster - Portugal

“We are happy to have chosen for our business cooperation with Joper. Our head roaster like to roast on your maschine and our customers loves our roasted coffee.”

This industrial coffee roaster CRS 30 with roasting profile software BRIGUS developed by JOPER was installed in Slovakia at Verticcio. Thank you Matej and Lukas

Joper installed an industrial roaster model CRS 120 in Spain. This client personalized the cooler, he decided to cool the coffee with the air that came directly from the exterior.

Joper can customize all the equipment according to the client’s needs.
Thank you.

Cafes Reke - Spain

This Joper Roaster – a BPR 5 – was installed in Abu Dhabi.

The client decided to customize the paint. The roaster looks great in its green colour.
We can customize your roaster. Just tell us what you want to do and we will make it happen.

Auro Premium Coffee

It is rewarding to receive such comments:

This CRS 30 installed in Panama roasts Geisha and Caturra. The roasted coffee is excellent!

Cafe Panama Espresso

Our customer Harvest Coffee in New Jersey, USA has 2 Joper roasters, a 3kg and a 15 kg.

Our customers have been growing their business and this make us very proud. Another example of success: Harvest Coffee.

Once you buy JOPER, you never change the brand. Thanks!

Harvest Coffee

Chocolataria Equador has installed a BPR 25 to roast cocoa to make a different kind of chocolate… and it tastes so good!
Joper Roasters is really proud of helping to enhance the taste of the chocolate.

Chocolataria Equador

The Earthen Roastery in South Africa acquired a Joper Roaster model BPR 15 which they named “Kairos”.
Thank you Frederick Hartsuiker!

Earthen Roastery

Bro Coffee Roasting has just acquired a BSR 5 to start roasting coffee in Ukraine.
It has been a success.
Thank you Andrey Pavlov and Ilya Kushnirenko

Bro Coffee Roasting

Chocolaterie du Pecq, specialized in making chocolate and praliné chocolate, has grown with time, combining both tradition and modernity that is why they chose Joper Roasters, which combines tradition in manufactuting the roasters and inovation, has instaled a CRS 120. This Roaster roasts dried fruits and cocoa which are the main ingredients to make their wonderful chocolate.

An industrial Roaster model CRS 120 with roasting profile software BRIGUS (Joper exclusive) with afterburner was installed in the USA at Arabica Coffee Roasting.

Arabica Coffee Roasting

This roaster a CRS 120 with roasting profile software BRIGUS (Joper exclusive) with afterburner was installed in the USA at New Mexico Piñion Coffee.

New Mexico Piñon Coffee

In Bafoussam there is a JOPER Roaster, a CRM 60 with pneumatic system to open and close all the doors of the equipment (hopper, drum, cooler and deviation T – to switch the air from the cooler to the destoner).
There are also 2 silos for roasted coffee, a mixer and an industrial grinder, a small coffee plant in the Cameroon.


Joper recently installed a CRS 30 – industrial coffee Roaster with the roasting profile software – Brigus in Albi – France, Café Suau. This roaster has a special control panel placed on the roaster

Café Suau

This time we installed a BPR 25 kg roaster with the roasting profile software BRIGUS in Spain. The client acquired as well a transporter model TP 25 to transport the green beans to the hopper, a Destoner model DM 25 to destone the roasted coffee and also a sealer machine to seal the coffee bags.

Thank you Ezequiel Garces (our agent in Spain) and Raul Benito Pertusa from Eboca.

EBOCA | Humanos detrás de máquinas de vending

Another successful installation of a CRS 30 – 30 kg roaster with the roasting profile software Brigus.

Fika Fika

Another sucessful installation – a BPR 25 with roasting profile software BRIGUS.

Thank you Andris – Andrito Coffee Roastery

Andrito Coffee Roastery

A BPR 15 – shop roaster with roasting profile software Brigus – was just installed in Taipei.

Cojaft Int

JOPER (#조퍼 로스터) was well represented in the 2019 SCAK Roasting Technician Championship, through our agent Premium Espresso, by putting at the contestants disposal 3 beautiful roasters, a BSR 1, a BSR 5 and a BPR 15 kg capacity with the rosting profile software BRIGUS. 

ICU, International Coffee Union

Another successful installation! This time a CRS 30 – industrial roaster with roasting profile software Brigus, developed by JOPER, Destoner, Conveying Station, Rotary Valve Rv 250, Emergency Water System, Dust Separating Cooler Cyclone and Afterburner QFR-30.

Jacky Chuan

JOPER Coffee Roaster BSR 3 (shop roaster without the roasting profile Software BRIGUS) installed this time in Norway – Jørgensen Kaffebrenneri

Jørgensen Kaffebrenneri

Another happy client – Horsham Coffee Roasters! A JOPER Coffee Roaster BPR 25 kg with roasting profile software – Brigus. Thank you Bradley Steenkamp

Cafés Feb

This Joper Roaster BPR 5 (with roasting profile software Brigus) was just installed in Romania. Thank you Emilia and Marian from Cafethescu


Joper installed a complete plant in France with a CRS 60 – with the roasting profile software Brigus – Joper exclusive. The plant has weighing system for green coffee, semiautomatic packing machine and a mixer model MCH-100.

Cafés Querry

Joper installed a CRS 30 – with the roasting profile software Brigus – Joper exclusive – green coffee transporter, industrial coffee grinder model 180. This industrial grinder grinds 300 kg/h.

Panama Coffee Roasters

Moru Coffee Specialty Coffee Roasters, Denver, CO thru RoasterShare (micro roastery) offers classes, rentals and training to learn the roasting process with our JOPER BSR 15 shop roaster. For cupping and sampling our CRG 100-2 is the sample roaster used for all their needs.

That’s a successful business… it’s a happy customer! 

RoasterShare, RoasterShare Coffee

Pablo & Rusty in Australia is extremely happy with his JOPER Roaster CRS 120 – Semi-automatic Roaster with Roasting Profile Software – Brigus (JOPER Exclusive) and with the rest of the equipment – Destoner DP 120; green coffee transporter TP 120; Rotary valve and a dust separating cooler cyclone.

Pablo & Rusty

This time a happy client in France – Au Petit choco. The client chose a BPR 3 – Joper roaster with Roasting Profile Software – Brigus (JOPER Exclusive). Thank you Serpac Materiels for your collaboration.

Au Petit choco.

Another happy client – Horsham Coffee Roasters! A JOPER Coffee Roaster BPR 25 kg with roasting profile software – Brigus. Thank you Bradley Steenkamp

Horsham Coffee Roasters

Joper roasters don’t roast only coffee, so we built this CRM 60 to a client in Algeria to roast dates! The roastery was small so we adapted the roaster to the client’s area. We can customise all our equipment.


Joper built a CRS 30 and installed it in Alaska. The roastery was small so we adapted the roaster to the client’s area. We can customise all our equipment.

Alaska Coffee

Joper installed a CRS 30 in Ireland. This roaster had as optional equipment the green coffee transporter model TP 30 and the destoner DP 30.

Badger & Dodo

Carlini Coffee in Australia acquired a CRS 30 – Roaster with Roasting Profile Software – Brigus (JOPER Exclusive) and with the rest of the equipment – Destoner DP 30, green coffee transporter TP 30 and Rotary valve.

Carlini Coffee

Joper planned an entire plant for Real Coffee Roasters. This plant includes 2 CRS 60, silos for green coffee, bucket elevator, belt transporter, silos for roasted coffee, weighing system, dust cooler cyclone, industrial coffee grinders model 180, etc.

Real Coffee Roasters

Joper built 4 industrial roasters model CRA 240, these roasters are full automatic and roast 240 kg/batch.


“Excellent roaster and a beast machine producing good roasted coffee. Thank you João and Olga / JOPER team for assisting us. You guys are the best!”

Leah Sy Guan / Raechels Coffee Roasters

“Very well assembly. Easy to operate. Smooth and low noise when is running.” (BSR 15)

Somchai Wetsurakrit, Thailand

“Always fresh roasted coffee. We replicate our roasting curves so you can enjoy that coffee you love, every day.”

D'Sala Caffè - Lima, PERU, D'Sala Caffè

“Senzu coffee beans are chosen and imported from the best coffee producers in the world and are roasted by us after we receive your order. Here you will find some of the best roasted coffee beans in Porto and Portugal.”

JOPER appreciates the preference and is proud of the help and performance that our BPR 5 roaster – with the roasting profile software BRIGUS – is providing to the business growth.

Groundskeeper Willie Coffee Roasters, QLD, Australia as its motto says “It’s all about specialty coffee… and dogs.”
Regarding the specialty coffee operations JOPER is proud to contribute to the success of the business with our BSR 3 and BSR 15 shop roasters.

And… dogs are man’s best friend!  

Groundskeeper Willie , Groundskeeper Willie Coffee Roasters

“Thank you JOPER for all the support and professionalism you have been giving us since day one! We love our JOPER roaster!”

Combi is a creative client.

He chose a Joper Roaster and at this moment he has been very successful in our city – Oporto.
Visit them and check this wonderful roaster.
Customize your roaster, be creative and Joper will make the roaster you want. Make your roaster unique!

You can have all the fun with our BPR 15 roaster – with the roasting profile software BRIGUS.
Ask Luke Rock, Co-Owner of KruCoffee. 

Luck Rock, KruCoffee

CARON, Le Café, one of the biggest roasters in France, roasts its best coffee in a JOPER CRS-240 industrial roaster.

CARON, Le Café

Another German customer who has just bought the 3rd Roaster!

A very successful family business, once again recognizing our quality.

CRS 30 / BPR 15 / BSR 3 Kit

Happy and proud of the recognition!

Supremo Kaffee

At 78 Coffee Co, Lulu, Louisville you’ll find more than a coffe shop.


When you walk into 78 Coffee Co., you are met with the a mix of aromas rising from the JOPER’s roasting equipment; featuring a BSR 5 coffee roaster, a Destoner, a Coffee mixer and a Thermal Afterburner to correct pollutant emissions into the atmosphere.

JOPER ROASTERS wishes you all the best! 

A customer with 3 Joper Roasters: 1 shop roaster and 2 industrial roasters, a German customer who in his country has one of the best Roaster brands and he chose JOPER …, he has a 30kg Joper roaster for about 10 years and a small shop roaster and this year has bought another Joper Roaster, a CRS 60 … It is a client with much merit and success in his work, and clients like him make us feel proud in our work and quality …. (The Portuguese mentality is generally that the Foreign brands are better than national ones, so we are not surprised when a Portuguese buys another European brand …., we simply regret that we do everything we can to help the Portuguese to succeed and they don’t realise that, but a German does not think so, they know that the German brands are a synonym of quality …. still …. they buy JOPER, we wonder why?! Thank you Maya Kaffeerösterei

Maya Kaffeerösterei

Another german client who is happy with his JOPER BSR 5 with golden finishing preparared for artisan and also a mobile DM-5/15 Destoner.

JOPER is proud to deliver happiness in a form of a coffee roaster!

Die Kaffeerei Rösterei


Another happy customer in Jakarta, Indonesia with a BPR 3 coffee roaster with the roasting profile software BRIGUS developer by JOPER.

JOPER roasters are distributed all over the world, on 5 continents. 

Another happy customer from Sweden with a JOPER BPR 15 with the roasting profile software BRIGUS developed by JOPER and… recently acquire a green bean loader ASP-15.

That’s a nice coffee roasting setup!
Gute Rosteri made JOPER very proud!

Gute Roastery, Gute Rosteri

Our happy customer “Curious People Roastery” is greeting us with a happy sunday from Indonesia! 

Selamat Hari minggu!

The reason for such hapiness is the fact that this roastery is making a splash since 2016 with its JOPER BPR 15 with the BRIGUS Roasting Profile System, roasting 60 kg per hour with 12-15 min roasting time. Yes, true words!

Curious People Roastery, Curious People Roastery


“Del almacén pasamos al café. Raúl nos cuenta porque hemos decidido tener nuestro propio tostadero, los retos que supone y desvela el nombre de la máquina que ha hecho posible que cambiemos totalmente la cultura de café dentro de la empresa y re-inventado el café de máquina.
Desde que inauguramos en el 2017 hemos tostado artesanalmente más de 30 toneladas de café 100% arábica importado de fincas ecológicas de Colombia en nuestra Joper.
Coffee Roasters & Lovers.”


From bean to cup. Here’s a day in our roastery and shop.

“Excellent roaster and a beast machine producing good roasted coffee. Thank you João and Olga / JOPER team for assisting us. You guys are the best!”

Lea Sy Guan


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