JOPER CRS roasters are legendary for their indirect air flow roasting system, superb and fast cooling, efficient oven, use of high quality high efficiency modulation burners, dual wall drum with cast iron framing, direct drive motors, multiple thermocouples, energy efficiency, easy operation, low maintenance cost, and also for having a dedicated manufacturer´s technical service always at the ready.

JOPER offers innovative solutions, leading edge manufacturing technology, skilled craftsmanship and technological leadership to the coffee roasting industry.

Joper - Model Joper - Capacity per Batch Joper - Roasting Time Joper - Hourly Output Joper - Voltage Joper - Fuel Type
Model Capacity
per Batch
Power supply Fuel
CRS-30 30 Kg  15′ – 18′ 120 Kg 400 V / 50 Hz / 3 Ph

230 V / 60 Hz / 3 Ph

Natural or Propane Gas
CRS-60  60 Kg 240 Kg
CRS-120  120 Kg  15′ – 20′ 480 Kg
CRS-240  240 Kg 960 Kg
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