BRIGUS – Coffee Roast Control & Log System appears to help those who, with artisan skill, coffee knowledge and desire to create his own coffee, need to understand the wild nature of the bean and to control the “mystery” of the roast process. You and your BPR or CRS roaster together, eliminate unpredictable results and produce the desired cup.


The Lusitanians were Celtics by the end of the Bronze Age which, for about 2.300 years, were settled in the west of the Iberian Peninsula, between Douro and Tejo rivers, in part of the territory we know today as Portugal. Celtics adored many deities, with different names, depending on the tribe or community they belonged. Lusitanians adored one that was the god of creation, protector and promoter of human civilization, destructor of chaos and obscurity, symbol of victory of humankind over the wild nature and represents order and stability.

His name was BRIGUS.


A new system concept for roast control. Attention and expertise are concentrated in what’s really important:

  • Defining new profile based one previously stored ones.
  • Roast base under a pre-defined profile.
  • Rate of rise (RoR).
  • Manual or automated process control.
  • Roast vs. desired profile evolution during the process.
  • Registering occurrences, events and notes.
  • Allow a new generation of roasters to benefit your roastery.
  • Analyzing and comparing roasted coffee lots.

BRIGUS is now available in shop roasters BPR 1, 3, 5, 15, 25 and 25 AUTO, and in industrial roasters models CRS 30, 60, 120, 240.


Brigus - Defining Roast ProfileUsing a roasted lot, or other previously created and stored in the BRIGUS data base, it is possible to
define a new profile. BRIGUS offers all the information: green coffee beans, weight of green bean to be roasted, stored information and a graphic with bean temperature profile lines, burner power (gas valve) and fan speed (air flow). Each line has 10 anchor points. By dragging and dropping these points, you can draw desired profiles.

When roasting in manual or automated mode, BRIGUS will register bean temperature information, burner level and fan speed, each second. Consequently, when that roast is called from the data base in order to create a profile, BRIGUS designs the curves similar to the real ones, being able to be manipulated in order to fit.

The roast master does not need unnecessary parameters such as PID controllers (Proportional Integral Derivative) or others, in order to calculate deviation or error within a measured value and the value you which to obtain in order to produce a correcting action that will adjust the process.


Brigus - Roast Choose a desired profile for your roast. The chart will show dashed lines for bean temperature, burner and fan. After the roast is started, the solid lines evaluate, allowing the verification of the evolution of the roast process second to second. At any moment, it is possible to select what (burner and/or air flow) control in manual or automated mode.

Before, during or afterwards roasting, important information as green beans type and lot, environmental conditions, events (instantaneous and related to bean temperature), notes (free text), roasted coffee definition and color, can be introduced.


Brigus - Analysis and ControlAll information from each roast and their profiles will keep be kept in the BRIGUS data base, which allows a detailed analysis of the roast process, lot by lot or by comparing lots. BRIGUS helps understand coffee, eliminating  unpredictable results and producing the desired cup.


BRIGUS controls the on and off switch allowing to identify the roast batch, client, origin, profile type. Furthermore, it offers results such as color, roast time, environmental conditions register of events as first and second “crack”, as well as other notes. The program will also control the burner manually or in automated mode, flow of air through the fan, roasting time, bean and air temperature and roaster maintenance record. Each profile could be registered in memory and requested on demand.


Brigus - MaintenanceBRIGUS comes equipped with a function which allows maintenance programming and control thus reducing unproductive time, and directly improving the way your roaster works with only a click of the following functions:

  • Point of intervention (fans, reducers, burner, bearings, etc)
  • Type of Intervention (cleaning, filling, lubricating, checking)
  •  Notes (i.e. type of oil, spare parts brands)
  • Elapsed time
  • Remaining time
  • Limit time


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