Perfect for small roasteries and even roasting labs, the manual operated BSR-1 is ideal to test roasts and replicate them on a larger scale.

A table stand is availabe to place the roaster on top.

BSR (Base Shop Roaster) models are offered in 1, 3, 5, 15 or 25 kilos-batch capacity.

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Shop Roasters – BSR-1


0.5 – 1 kg
(4 kg/h)

Power Supply


Roasting Time

12 – 15 Min.

Gas Type


(L x W x H)


Cooling Time

3 Min


170 kg

Optimal Roast profile

Cropster or
Artisan Software


  • JOPER Roasters are made with High-Quality CAST IRON components and hand craft individually for best Roast quality, control and consistency.
  • Roasting drum with double wall and special mixing paddles to ensure optimal movement and mixing for excellent roasting results.
  • Great roasting consistency, which allows high uniformity in the grain.
  • The flow of hot air, that allows the beans to be roasted via convection is controlled and adjusted by manual damper.
  • Simultaneous roasting and cooling using separate suction of the cooling and roasting fans.
  • Drum bearings in cast iron housings remotely mounted away from the hot roaster wall for extra-long life. All bearings and seals are SKF brand.
  • Separate cyclone with high Efficiency of separation and easy emptying of the bin for chaff.
  • 3 separate Premium Efficiency IE2 motors. All direct drive for quietness and low maintenance: Drum drive, roaster fan and cooler fan.
  • Cooler with large surface, one discharge door and high-pressure fan to quickly cool the beans to the required temperature to lock in the aroma.
  • Easy operator control with sight glass to see how your beans are flowing inside the drum.
  • Sampler trier, temperature digital controller is provided to enable the roasting process to be monitored all time.
  • 2 thermocouples: Bean temperature and exhaust air temperature.
  • Atmospheric gas burner with low emissions (Low NOx) with complete gas train and all safety accessories.
  • Adjustable flame modulation of gas burner 10-100% with manual control always just a touch away.
  • Fuel Type: Propane gas (LPG) or natural gas (LNG).
  • Heating: As optional the roaster can be supply with electric oven with resistance elements.
  • Fully insulated with high temperature insulation blanket making the roaster very quiet and high energy efficient.
  • Electric control board to check and control the roasting process, with temperature digital displays, On/Off switches, emergency button and all security components.
  • Gas and electric safety device with standards rules.
  • Designed and developed to allow low maintenance.
  • Side and rear doors to simplify access to the interior of the roaster in order to make an easy maintenance and cleaning of the various components.
  • Service hours counter included.
  • Simplified installation and setting–up.
  • Operating side standard: Left.
  • JOPER roasters are built for long haul, one can run with them multiple shifts, 7 days a week.
  • The standard color of our roasters is Black RAL 9005 in the body of roaster and with silver details RAL 9006 in the cooler and hopper ring. Other colors can be selected in the RAL color catalogue.
  • Connect your computer directly to your roaster (optional).


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