Coffee Roast Degree Analyzer


The roasted coffee analyzer CM-100 Plus is a compact and mobile laboratory equipment that analyses whole bean and ground coffee.

It has a high accuracy and stable meter which helps you to classify roasting degree (within 2 sec!) or the delta between whole bean and ground to get better understanding of the roasting curve and roasting result for better quality control.



• NIR photometer tells the caramelization from the coffee beans or ground.
• Same as Agtron measurements using “Gourmet” scale
Roast degree measuring range @ Agtron number: 5 ~ 140
• Short warm-up time (1 min)
• One touch quick measuring key
• Long battery (up to 6 hours of continuous use)
• Support using while battery charging
• Support Auto-power off setting
Stores up to 200 measurement results
• Supports measurement results output to PC
Software PC LogTool available to download
• Support both SCAA and Common name
Supports on-site measurement results delete
• Long calibration period (calibrate once per 2 years!)
Included aluminium carrying case

Working hours
6 h
Warm-up time
60 sec
Housing material
ABS + Aluminium
Product size
(Include bean dish)
123.4(L) x 123.4(W) x 132(H) mm
Outlook colour
Measure area
49 cm2
Panel size
1.6” 128×64 mono OLED
Panel color
Infra-red LED
Infra-red Sensor
200 records
Operating temp
0-50° C
Storage temp
– 10 to 60° C
Power consumption
Charging power
5V, 2A
Charging method
Micro-USB Port
Log output
Micro-USB cable
Battery capacity
Li-ion 1150mAh Battery


CM-100 Plus is one of the roast level analyzers approved by SCAA in the world which stands for a reliable, accurate instrument for measuring roasted coffee beans or ground bean.

Please visit SCAA website section “Heritage Cupping Standards” and click + Roast Level for Cupping.

The goal is for better quality control, whether you’re a coffee roasting vendor, coffee shop owner or passionate home roaster. The CM-100 Plus supports fast key, delivers highly accurate measurements, runs for up to 6 continuous hours per charge and is easy to carry and store!



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