CRG/E 100-1 Drum

Designed to last and perform its function efficiently, The CRG/E-100 roasters incorporate the same manufacturing concepts and quality standards with which JOPER builds industrial and shop roasters.

The CRG/E 100-1 sample roaster with 1 drum can run on gas or electricity and it is possible to roast a small batch of 100 grs of green beans, also check and verify the quality of the roasted coffee and use it as a pattern for large scale roasting.

Stable, easy to operate, low maintenance, equipped with digital and temperature control and a thermocouple in the roaster cylinder to measure the temperature of the bean mass itself, the result is highest efficiency in sample roasting.

Without a doubt, JOPER’s CRG/CRE 100 roasters have become the most demanded sample roaster for small, medium as well as large companies, cooperatives, associations of producers, exporters/importers, which made Joper their new suppliers for new projects, as well as for substituting old sample roasters.



  • Drum capacity:  80-100 gr of green coffee.
  • Roaster solid drum.
  • Front and back lids in Metal.
  • Heat generating oven with gas burner and manual control system. Suited either for natural or propane gas.
  • Cooling tray.
  • 1 fan motor 25 Kw inside the roaster: Roaster and cooler
  • 1 Gear box motor 25 W in drum.
  • Airflow damper 0-100%, manual control.
  • Safety device.
  • Electric control panel.
  • 1 Digital temperature display, sample tube are provide to enable the roasting process to be monitored all time.
  • 1 Thermocouple inside of the drum: Bean temperature.
  • Colour: Black and stainless steel body cover.
  • 1 Motor – (220V 50 Hz Single phase) – (110V 60Hz Single Phase)
  • A chaff cyclone is optional for 1 drum model, which has a built-in fan generating airflow that transports out chaff through the exhaust pipe.

* This model is also available with electrical oven.


Joper - Model Joper - Capacity per Batch Joper - Roasting Time Joper - Voltage Joper - Fuel Type
Model Capacity
per Batch gr/oz
Power supply Fuel
CRG/E 100/1 100/3.5  8-15 min  110-220 V /
50-60 Hz / 1 Ph



CRG/E 100/2 100/3.5

CRG/E 100/4 100/3.5



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