Considered as the really heavy-duty coffee industrial roasters, the CRM-240 is also very delicate when roasting tons of coffee – up to 960 kg per hour.

Suitable for coffee roasting plants, they are often equipped with a Pneumatic System to control all the roaster doors (hopper, drum and cooler) and equipment such as a Green Coffee Loader, a Destoner, Afterburner, storage silos, etc and also powerful mechanical and digital systems to improve the work flow.

A Cooler Cyclone with a Rotary Valve is useful to discard the chaff produced from the roasting process to the Briquetting machine.


Joper - Model Joper - Capacity per Batch Joper - Roasting Time Joper - Hourly Output Joper - Voltage Joper - Fuel Type
Model Capacity
per Batch
Power supply * Fuel
CRM-240 240 Kg 15′ – 20′ 960 Kg 400 V / 50-60 Hz / 3 Ph

220 V / 60 Hz / 3 Ph

Natural or Propane Gas
* Other voltages available upon request.

How it works
The green coffee beans are fed into the receiving hopper which doses them to the roasting drum where by the flow of hot air the coffee will gradually heat up and finally roast to perfection thanks to continuous rotating movement aided by a sophisticated internal design to assure the beans are constantly moving, changing their position and uniformly taking advantage of the circulating hot air, to then be delivered to the cooler where the roasted coffee beans will be brought to the right temperature in the shortest period of time in order to reduce its temperature and lock its flavor and aroma.

The result
An integrated system controlled manually, manufactured by most experienced artisans and engineers, with State of the Art Technology and the best materials, components and elements from most reputed world manufacturers.


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