João Rodrigues Pereira, SA, dedicated to the manufacture of equipment for the roasting and food industry, intending to be a company of prestige and recognition in the market, assumes a global commitment, aiming at the quality of its products and services, the defense of the Environment and Occupational Health & Safety, ensuring the satisfaction of interested parties. Thus, João Rodrigues Pereira, S.A., undertakes to:

  • Keep the SGI (Quality, Environment and OH&S) implemented and updated, ensuring its continuous improvement;
  • Comply with all legal compliance obligations, Standards and other requirements applicable to Quality, Environment and OH&S;
  • Ensure customer satisfaction, responding to their specific requirements, ensuring the conformity of products in accordance with their expectations;
  • Ensure a safe and healthy working environment for the prevention of work-related injuries and health conditions;
  • Ensure employee information, consultation and participation on OH&S issues, making them aware of compliance with safety standards;
  • Promote the professional and personal development of employees, providing adequate training and ensuring the adequacy of their skills to the functions they perform, with the objective of increasing the levels of productivity, initiative, responsibility and team spirit, as well as making them aware to achieve the goals of Quality, Environment and OH&S;
  • Minimize adverse environmental impact through the rationalization of resources and the production of waste, to protect the environment, including the prevention of pollution and the life cycle of products;
  • Influence, as much as possible, relevant interested parties regarding compliance with OH&S standards and environmental aspects;
  • Audit and review the SGI in order to ensure continuous improvement and updating of the system.


Guarantee the quality of our products and our technical services, supply roasters and other high quality equipment for the coffee and food industries, exceed customer expectations and guarante their loyalty.


We want to be the world’s leading supplier of equipment for the roasting industry, building a future of continuous improvement and a commitment to excellence.


  • Focus on the client – Customer satisfaction in terms of their needs and expectations.
  • Legal compliance – Complying with national and international legal and regulatory requirements applicable to our sector.
  • Quality and continuous improvement – ​​Constant search for new technological solutions and improvement of existing ones, which reinforce confidence in our company.
  • Environmental responsibility – Manage environmental factors in order to minimize environmental impacts.
  • Occupational Health & Safety – Ensuring a safe and healthy work environment for employees, actively working to minimize hazards and prevent risks.
  • Motivation and Development of Employees – In order to continually enrich our culture, we invest in the development of the skills and competences of our employees, developing a culture that promotes teamwork, accountability, integrity and leadership.
  • Ethics and trust – Our culture must reflect the highest standards of ethics and transparency in relationships with the interested parties, based on responsibility and trust between the parties.
  • Simplicity and efficiency – Optimize resources and their use, maximizing your return.


The SGI applies to the design, development, production, marketing, installation and technical assistance of equipment for the coffee industry and the food industry and reflects the requirements of the following reference standards:

  • NP EN ISO 9001 – Quality Management System, in order to guarantee the required quality of products and services;
  • NP EN ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System, in order to improve environmental aspects, seeking to reduce the environmental impact of its activities and products;
  • ISO 45001 – Occupational Health and Safety Management System, in order to control hazards and minimize occupational risks.

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Do you have any questions or concerns about our Quality Policy? Please do not hesitate to contact us or send a message via email to: qualidade@joper.pt.