Roasting coffee never “bean” so easy!

The BR STANDARD is the improved version of our specialty coffee roasters.

They maintain the same high quality standards while keeping the classic style and handcrafted construction, and they are a reference in their category in today’s market.

If you run a coffee shop or a roastery, the BR STANDARD roasters are ideal for you.

Manual control with roast profile

The BR STANDARD line of roasters comes equipped with a new cost-effective and eco-friendly premix gas burner with precise and responsive control, speed control for the drum and drum fan (air flow) with potentiometers in the control panel, 2 thermocouples with double readout (bean and air exhaust temperatures), vacuum pressure, top-level technical features, and are prepared for roasting profile software functionalities with data loggers, cropster and artisan.

With many customizable options and optional equipment available, the BR STANDARD is what roasteries, coffee shop owners, and roast masters are looking for to optimize their roasting operations.

Choose your model

There are 5 distinct capacities with batch sizes ranging from 1 to 25 kg, and an output capacity of 4 to 100 kg of roasted coffee per hour.

  • 0.5 – 1 kg / (4 kg/h)

  • 1465 x 855 x 1495 mm
  • 200 kg
  • 1.5 – 3 kg (12 kg/h)

  • 1750 x 1000 x 1660 mm
  • 300 kg
  • 2.5 – 5 kg / (20 kg/h)

  • 2075 x 1160 x 2090 mm
  • 470 kg
  • 7.5 – 15 kg / (60 kg/h)

  • 2440 x 1335 x 2305 mm
  • 625 kg
  • 12.5 – 25 kg / (100 kg/h)

  • 2640 x 1570 x 2560 mm
  • 880 kg

Happy Customers

What clients are saying about our coffee roasters and service.

“Congratulations to Joper Roasters for recently celebrating their 62nd anniversary! They have been manufacturing handcrafted roasters with high quality, durable materials in Portugal, since 1962 and their roasters are a real testament to their hard work, expertise and dedication to their craft.

Our Joper roasters are the backbone of all our KoffeeWorks roasteries and are consistently working hard with our roasters to produce the best quality beans for your Koffees. ☕️

Paul, Yahava KoffeeWorks (Australia)

“Thank you so much, Joao – this is really helpful to know.

You guys are so amazing with support and clarifying things and why they are set the way that they are.  This is the kind of support that I was hopeful to find and I really appreciate it!  I am enjoying both of our roasters, and already dreaming of a CRA 120kg full plant for in a few years.”

Phillip Meech, Owner & Founder, Caffè Lusso (USA)


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