Customize your roaster!

Apply your logo or your branding colors on the roaster, add a slick cover plate or even an anthracite front finishing for that awesome look to display in your coffee shop or roastery.

Define the look of your roaster.

Every JOPER roaster offers customization options to suit customer preferences.

While visual appeal is increasingly significant, it’s essential to remember that our roasters also come with optional features or equipment to enhance your roasting process.

Ask us how you can customize your roaster to fit your style and needs.

Roaster body color

Select your preferred body paint from the RAL color palette/catalog for a customized look.

Standard: Roaster body in Black RAL 9055 (Jet Black) with details (cooler ring and hopper ring) in Silver RAL 9006 (White Aluminum)

Front finishing

Select the front finshing for an awesome customized look.

Standard: Chrome




Angle Iron

Select the angle iron finishing.

Standard: Painted in Black RAL 9055 (Jet Black)




Other RAL color

Cover Plate

Implemented for safety purposes, it serves as a key aesthetic feature in the roaster.

Standard: Stainless steel (brushed)

‘Black Dots’ macro shot

‘Black Dots’

Gold (brushed) macro shot

Gold (brushed)

Squares / Diamonds / Checkered (macro shot)

Diamonds (example)


The company logo leading your brand in the coffee shop or roastery.

example #1

example #2

example #3

example #4

Other equipment

Details are important and can help you with your roasting operations.

Roast LED lamp

Cooler Protection Grid

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