Clean and eco-friendly roasting.

Post combustion equipment to control and correct pollutant emissions into the atmosphere, thus achieving a high level of protection of the environment.


How it works

Afterburners eliminate emissions of smoke and odors produced during the coffee roasting process. They work by oxidizing the waste gases from roasting through a combustion process, transforming them into cleaner emissions.

Our afterburners can work with any roaster brand/model.


  • Reduction of the amount of smokes and odors by 99%

  • Combustion chamber with retention features

  • Energy efficient burner with Low Nox emissions

  • Dedicated control panel with LED status indicators, buttons on/off, digital displays and all safeties features

  • Connection to roaster for control efficiency
  • High temperature limit control

  • Equipment can be adapted to your specific needs

Choose your afterburner model

Afterburners are essential in the coffee roasting industry for eliminating smoke and odors produced during the roasting process.

There are available 3 models to work with coffee roasters brand or model up to 25 kg/batch.

DM 5-15

AFTERBURNER 5 / 15 / 25

Afterburners are built with a thick stainless steel plate and isolated ceramic fiber ridged to withstand high temperatures.

The combustion chamber is properly dimensioned, equipped with a powerful high-tech burner, and has one inlet – to connect the roaster and cooler exhausts (recommended) and one exhaust air outlet (chimney).

They can be customized to meet clients’ specific needs and fit the available space in their roasteries, and can be installed either in a vertically or horizontally position.

Our afterburners are manufactured with the most high quality materials, burners and components to comply with local emission norms.


Compliment the performance of your roaster and enhance your productivity levels with a destoner, a green bean loader or even with an afterburner.

Happy Customers

What clients are saying about our afterburners.

“As a coffee roaster committed to environmental responsibility, we were thrilled to adopt the afterburner technology provided by JOPER. Our journey toward cleaner air, smokeless coffee, and a reduced ecological footprint has been significantly enhanced.

We highly recommend your afterburner technology to fellow coffee roasters who share our commitment to clean air, exceptional coffee, and a greener planet.”

Paul F., Penedo Coffee


5 / 15 / 25

Connect the afterburner with the roaster model…

NOTE: Our afterburners work with all roasters from 5 kg up to 25 kg/back capacity, even with other brands’ models.


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