Green Bean Loaders

Dust free green
coffee conveyors.

Green bean loaders were conceived and designed for the appropriate transportation of green coffee beans to the coffee roaster.

When equipped with the optional scale & display system, the green beans are weighed before sent the roaster, and also free of dust for a clean quality roasting.

How it works

The green bean loaders with scale and digital display (optional) are supplied with a hopper for discharging the bags. The beans are weighed in the discharge hopper for composing blends or to determine roasted coffee quantities, as accurately shown on the display, and a vacuum pump will pull the beans to the roaster hopper through a piping system with long rays to prevent losses.

The green bean loader is an important equipment for any coffee roasting operation, large or small, as it reduces the physical effort and significantly enhances the efficiency, cleanliness, and overall quality of the roasting process.


  • Discharge hopper in stainless steel with a capacity up to 25 kg

  • Vacuum pump with the power properly adjusted to the model

  • Optional: Scale with digital display for accurate weigh in, very useful for blends

  • Connection pipes (included) to the roaster hopper with long curves to avoid losses

  • Sliding door operated manually

  • Adaptation to any roaster brand/model hopper included

  • Standard colour Black RAL 9005. Extra cost: Any other RAL colour

  • Shield for the vacuum pump. Extra cost

Choose your model

Our green bean loaders can be customized to fit any space in the roastery, as well as adapt to any roaster capacity, brand or model.

There are 2 models available, ASP 15 and ASP 25, to work with coffee roasters up to 25 kg/batch.

DM 5-15

ASP 15 / ASP 25

  • Hopper capacity: Up to 25 kg (55 lb)

  • Suitable for any roaster capacity of 10, 12, 15 and 25 kg/batch

  • Vacuum pump power properly adjusted to the model
  • Customizable according to clients needs

  • Optional: Movable hopper

  • 400 V / 50 Hz / 3 Ph
    200-240 V / 50-60 Hz / 1 Ph

  • Hopper (L x W x H):
    735 x 735 x 750 mm


Compliment the performance of your roaster and enhance your productivity levels with a destoner, a green bean loader or even with an afterburner.

Happy Customers

What clients are saying about our green coffee loaders.

“Transformed Efficiency”

“The green coffee loader has an important role in our workflow, ensuring top-notch bean quality with its efficient and delicate handling.”

Gobena Coffee (USA)


ASP 15 / ASP 25

Pair the green bean loader with roaster model…

NOTE: Our green coffee loaders work with all roasters up to 25 kg/batch capacity, even with other brands’ models.


Crafting excellence, every roast.


Crafted to roast a lifetime.


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