The event Porto Coffee Week 2022 will be taking place from the 26th to 31st October in our beautiful hometown Porto, Portugal.

All good things about our beloved coffee ☕, like talks, championships, seminars, challenges, etc will be happenning in several locations (coffee shops, business and coffee training schools, etc) across the “invicta city” 🏙 with world renown class speakers, certified SCA trainers, baristas champions, roast masters and other experts spreading their knowledge and expertise as never seen before.

Be sure to check #PortoCoffeeWeek schedule in their social media networks or website if you want to get involved, either if you are simple coffee enthusiast or a die-hard coffee lover – there is something for you in this 1st edition event!

Psst: In some locations you can actually have the chance to see our coffee roasters. 🤩