JOPER roasters are proudly manufactured in Portugal by master craftsmen, out of traditional high quality durable materials such as cast iron and carbon steel.

The result of 6 decades of experience, and continuous technological improvement, JOPER roasters combine time tested traditional higly durable materials with the best industrial quality modern burners, motors, fans, and controls to produce an easy to use, flexible, quiet, low maintenance and high energy efficient machine. In short, a roaster which is a pleasure to use for long operating periods of time.

Multiple thermocouples and temperature displays provide the operator with real time information on incoming air, bean and exhaust temperatures.

Our double wall drum, highly adjustable airflow, highly adjustable burners, combined with our exclusive heat transfer system, and powerful cooling system, ensure uniform roasting with excellent flavour across a wide range of roast profiles, allowing the user to achieve their perfect roast.

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