Hopper with scale and display for discharging and weigh in the green coffee for the appropriate transportation to the hopper of the coffee roaster with connecting pipes with long curves to avoid losses.


The green bean loaders with scale and digital display (optional) are supplied with a hopper for discharging the bags of green coffee.

The beans are weighed in the discharge hopper for composing blends or to determine roasted coffee quantities, as accurately shown on the display, and a vacuum pump will pull the beans to the roaster hopper through a piping system with long rays to prevent losses.

Hopper with scale & digital display system (ASP 25)
Vacuum pump (ASP 25)


Time and Labor Savings: Manually loading large quantities of green beans into the roaster can be labor-intensive. A green bean loader streamlines this process, saving time and reducing the physical effort required from the roasting team.

Sanitation and Quality Control: The green bean loader includes a dust filter system that cleans the beans during the loading process. This not only improves food hygiene but also minimizes the amount of dust and debris entering the roaster, which can affect the machine’s performance and the coffee’s quality.

Flexibility in Installation: Green bean loaders can be installed in several configurations within a roasting facility, allowing for a more efficient layout and workflow between the storage and roasting areas.

Professionalism and Aesthetics: A well-organized roasting room, free from bags of green beans and other loading equipment, presents a more professional image. It also helps in maintaining a clear separation between green and roasted beans, which is essential for food safety and quality assurance.

Efficiency: Green Bean Loaders can be equipped with a scale & digital display hopper to include the weigh process for single origin and blended roasts, streamlining the process further and ensuring precise measurements for consistent roasting.

Versatility: Our Green coffee loaders are designed to work with various roasters brands and models, making them suitable for roasters of different capacities.

The green bean loaders are an important equipment for any coffee roasting operation, large or small, as it reduces the physical effort and significantly enhances the efficiency, cleanliness, and overall quality of the roasting process.

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NOTE: Our green coffee loaders work with all roasters up to 25 kg/batch capacity, even with other brands’ models.


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