Consistent quality, batch after batch.

With excellence as our goal, we implemented a more sustainable, cost-effective, and eco-friendly burner in all our BR gas shop roasters.

With precise and responsive control, the BR 5 ADVANCED equipped with the new modulating premix burner will help roast masters achieve consistent quality in their roasting batches.


Roasteries and coffee shops are always looking for ways to reduce costs in their roasting operations, mainly those linked to gas and electricity. The implementation of a premix burner is the answer they were looking for.

Since the gas and air mixing parameters are created upstream of the combustion head, the obtained flame is uniform, resulting in a shorter and stronger flame length, thus providing a reduction in costs and also in maintenance.


  • Cast iron drum with double wall

  • Premix burner with low NOx emission levels;

  • Up to 20% reduced consumption (electric and gas)

  • 7-inch touch-screen display

  • cropster or artisan roasting profile software

  • Intuitive, precise, and continuously adjustable parameters for a flexible roasting process

  • Excellent hot air temperature distribution

  • Simultaneous roasting and cooling stages reduce cycle times and improve workflow

  • Great roasting consistency allows high uniformity in the bean pattern

  • Cooling exhaust air temperature

  • Minimal operation and reduced mechanical maintenance

  • 4 independent Premium Efficiency IE3 motors

  • Cooler sieve with a large surface to quickly and gentle cool the beans

  • Adjustable cooler position

  • Roaster customization options available


Batch size

2.5 – 5 kg
(20 kg/h)

Roasting time

10 – 20 min


Natural / Propane Gas

Cooling time

3 min

Power supply

208-400 V / 50-60 Hz / 3 Ph


470 kg

Models BR ADVANCED are also available in the following capacities: 3, 15 kg and 25 kg/batch.

Automatic control with roast profile

The BR 5 ADVANCED comes equipped with a touch-screen display, a new cost-effective and eco-friendly premix gas burner with precise and responsive control, speed control for the drum and drum fan (air flow), 2 thermocouples with double readout (air and bean temperatures) and 1 thermocouple for cooling exhaust air, vacuum pressure (in Pa), and other top-level technical features.

The built-in interface for roasting profile software cropster and artisan allows you to use the roast and replay features to automatically replicate your favorite profiles.

artisan software

Simplify your production roasting with gas, drum speed, and airflow controls accessible directly from Cropster or Artisan roasting profile software.

Use the advanced roast and replay features to automatically control the roaster and replicate your favorite profiles.


Compliment the performance of your roaster and enhance your productivity levels with a destoner, a green bean loader or even with an afterburner.

Happy Customers

What clients are saying about our coffee roasters and service.

“After months of searching for the best roaster for our business we decided to proceed with Joper.

I knew the quality, build and technology was unprecedented, but I was presently surprised with the high level of customer service and hands on attention.

The Roastery is happy to be part of the Joper family for years to come! Obrigado! “

Alessio Troia, The Roastery (USA)

“We have recently installed two new Joper coffee roasters. We are delighted to have upgraded to two top-of-the-range, high quality coffee roasters.

Our new 5 kg roaster will be the main enabler of our new specialty coffee range which will be coming soon!

A huge thank you to the team from @joper_roasters_ who flew over from Portugal to help us get our new roasters up and running” 🧡

Frank, Mahers Pure Coffee (Ireland)




Ideal for those who seek perfection!


Small roaster, BIG performance!


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